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Your e-mail address cannot be distributed to other institutions, organizations or individuals by Your customer information is only used to create a customer profile within our organization and to send press releases, campaigns and advertisement announcements by e-mail. It is not given to third parties.


Only you can access your personal information and only you can change it. Access by third parties is not permitted by e-commerce sales platform of our customers' credit card information is not stored strictly. Your Credit Card information is only used for obtaining Prov Provision erek by securely transmitting it to the relevant banks during the collection process. "Provision" is deleted from the system after. The e-commerce sales platform is connected to the credit card centers of the relevant banks through channels protected by 128 Bit SSL technology.


You can use the "Contact" link or call 0216 519 53 96 for any questions regarding security and procedures.


Privacy and Security of Your Member Information e-commerce sales platform to enter any information you enter; "" will not be shared with third parties. e-commerce sales platform will be able to disclose this information only within the framework of the İdari Administrative-Legal zor obligation. Within the scope of any judicial investigation documented as a research license, "" may provide the relevant authority if it holds the information requested from it.


The information, such as the e-mail address, postal address and telephone you entered in the form, is used by the e-commerce sales platform only for standard product delivery and information procedures. In some periods, campaign information, information about new products, promotional information, advertisements may be sent to you after your approval.


Only you can access and change all the information you provide when you become a member. If you secure your member login information, it is not possible for others to access or change information about you. For this purpose, during membership transactions, the "128 Bit SSL" security field is acted upon. This system is an international encryption standard that cannot be broken.


From the moment you start to use this site, you are fully understood and agreed to all the terms stated in the agreement. reserves the right to make changes to these articles without prior notice. We reserve the right to restrict or terminate your use without any warning, warning or information in the event that one or more of these conditions are violated.


When using the e-commerce platform, we strongly advise you that you are solely responsible for all of your transactions and that you will have to compensate anyone who may be harmed by your actions.


All users who leave their personal information to subscribe to e-commerce platform; 's affiliated and / or all institutions of all kinds of innovations, promotions, campaigns, loyalty projects, collaborations, advertisements, store openings, products, services and communication activities are considered to receive information about all possible channels. In order to sign out of authorized marketing messages; You should uncheck the "Newsletter Subscription - I Want to be informed about announcements and campaigns" box.